Hell is in my head

It could have been so simple, but life doesn't work out that way..

I used to put pen to paper when i needed to say something, somehow turning what i was feeling into a story that i could turn into anything i wanted, depending on who i was talking to, it was like getting my problems out in the open, but still keeping them hidden. It was a way of venting while protecting myself.

Hiding in plane sight, as i do.

The first time i turned to photography to vent was when something that i had committed a lot of time to, fell apart, my old band "The Catharsis". in hindsight, it was for the best, we were broken from a lot of things, and although i still listen to those songs and feel what i felt back then, i would never trade in what i have found with my new band "Bloom". I took some self portraits for the final records front cover, we called it "PURGE/PURE", i wanted to put my anger and frustration, literally up on the wall for people to see, one last time. It was liberating being that blunt with how i felt about the whole thing, like somehow, it being out there in the world made it ok. It was the first time i didn't hide.

So here i am again, not going in to why I'm doing this, but i'm doing it nonetheless. Because i need to be able to at least look back at where i was at my lowest, like a high water mark, so i can see how far back the waters have gone, every day, and one day at a time.


"Hell is not a place, that you go to when you're dead

Hell is overthinking, Hell is in my Head.."


Thank you for being here.




Time to move