I'l keep this brief...

Late last year i went out on tour with the awesome guys in JAWS and their tour crew, watched friends succeed at doing what they love, drank far too much corona, met a whole host of amazing people, and took a shit load of photos, documenting my time on tour. Although i'm not a music photographer, the lads trusted me to capture and document their time, touring and celebrating the release of their new album "Simplicity". I've always tried to stay moving, even as i'm typing this my right knee is bobbing up and down, as people who know me will know i tend to always do. I'm always restless, thinking about what and where next, being on tour with a band as a photographer and not a musician gave me chance to use that pent up energy in a different way. Exploring new themes, new ideas, and challenging myself every night to capture the wondrous performances from the band. Throwing yourself into a different area of photography can be daunting, that panic of wondering wether you will fuck it up, our wether you'll chance it and succeed, it's all part of the road leading up to where you want to be, and who you want to be  as a photographer. We aren't made by a single vessel, or organ, or thought, or feeling, we are built of millions of different things, and so should you be as a photographer, built by many varying experiences. 


At least that's what i think.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the tour.


Enjoy and share!

 Connor in Bristol

Connor in Bristol