After 6 months of work, I'm so happy to finally be able to release the cover of my first photo book, titled "PERSONAL WAR" which will be released in mid July. 


The book is a mix of mostly photos shot on film, accompanied by written work by myself. I've made it no secret that over the past 6 months, I've struggled with personal issues, and my mental health. This book documents that journey, through the darkest days, through to acceptance, and contentment. 


I will be releasing pre-orders for the book soon, which will include some cool free stuff. Thank you to everyone who has reached out so far, your support has not gone unnoticed.



 "NERVE ENDING" the name of the photo, chosen as the cover for my first book "PERSONAL WAR"

"NERVE ENDING" the name of the photo, chosen as the cover for my first book "PERSONAL WAR"


The time you plunged
Into the gray cobblestones
Of the back alley to our house
You forgot to use your hands
To break the sudden fall

The sun rose when I saw
Steam ascending from
Your wet clothes and soiled body

That is where you became meaningless
Your skull merged with the surface
I mended your broken nose.

Hell is in my head

It could have been so simple, but life doesn't work out that way..

I used to put pen to paper when i needed to say something, somehow turning what i was feeling into a story that i could turn into anything i wanted, depending on who i was talking to, it was like getting my problems out in the open, but still keeping them hidden. It was a way of venting while protecting myself.

Hiding in plane sight, as i do.

The first time i turned to photography to vent was when something that i had committed a lot of time to, fell apart, my old band "The Catharsis". in hindsight, it was for the best, we were broken from a lot of things, and although i still listen to those songs and feel what i felt back then, i would never trade in what i have found with my new band "Bloom". I took some self portraits for the final records front cover, we called it "PURGE/PURE", i wanted to put my anger and frustration, literally up on the wall for people to see, one last time. It was liberating being that blunt with how i felt about the whole thing, like somehow, it being out there in the world made it ok. It was the first time i didn't hide.

So here i am again, not going in to why I'm doing this, but i'm doing it nonetheless. Because i need to be able to at least look back at where i was at my lowest, like a high water mark, so i can see how far back the waters have gone, every day, and one day at a time.


"Hell is not a place, that you go to when you're dead

Hell is overthinking, Hell is in my Head.."


Thank you for being here.




Time to move



I'l keep this brief...

Late last year i went out on tour with the awesome guys in JAWS and their tour crew, watched friends succeed at doing what they love, drank far too much corona, met a whole host of amazing people, and took a shit load of photos, documenting my time on tour. Although i'm not a music photographer, the lads trusted me to capture and document their time, touring and celebrating the release of their new album "Simplicity". I've always tried to stay moving, even as i'm typing this my right knee is bobbing up and down, as people who know me will know i tend to always do. I'm always restless, thinking about what and where next, being on tour with a band as a photographer and not a musician gave me chance to use that pent up energy in a different way. Exploring new themes, new ideas, and challenging myself every night to capture the wondrous performances from the band. Throwing yourself into a different area of photography can be daunting, that panic of wondering wether you will fuck it up, our wether you'll chance it and succeed, it's all part of the road leading up to where you want to be, and who you want to be  as a photographer. We aren't made by a single vessel, or organ, or thought, or feeling, we are built of millions of different things, and so should you be as a photographer, built by many varying experiences. 


At least that's what i think.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the tour.


Enjoy and share!

 Connor in Bristol

Connor in Bristol